The bustling port city of Visakhapatnam, located on the Eastern coast of India, is increasingly assuming a cosmopolitan character – a change propelled by the rising aspirations of consumers. With consumers now willing to spend more on healthy living, the city is witnessing heightened demand for healthier produce, which, in turn, has prompted the rise of businesses offering premium quality products to discerning consumers.

Simhadri Dairy, an innovative dairy start-up, is one such enterprise that is changing the status quo in the dairy sector. Not content with providing consumers the same products as their competitors, Mr. Ramesh Kolli, Managing Director, Simhadri Dairy, was looking for a solution that would help him bring high-quality milk to consumers in Vizag.

In order to achieve this, Simhadri Dairy needed to procure superior quality milk with a high MBRT time, hygienically process it, and bring it to consumers’ doorsteps in the shortest possible time while retaining its natural taste and aroma.

To help Simhadri do so, Promethean Power Systems recommended the Rapid Milk Chiller Premium (RMCP). Using a combination of a rapid chiller and a 1000L stainless steel tank, the RMCP is a modular solution for customers looking to collect high-quality milk. The RMCP first instantly chills milk to 4°C in a single pass and then automatically maintains milk temperature between 4°C and 6°C in the active storage tank without the use of a diesel generator.

Re-introducing Consumers to Healthier Milk with Clean-energy-based Chilling

Mr. Ramesh, who has business interests in the shipbuilding industry in Malaysia and Singapore, entered the dairy industry recently. His plans include selling high-quality milk in the city and its precincts under the Simhadri brand. Simhadri Dairy’s portfolio currently comprises fresh milk (toned, full cream, and skimmed), ghee, curd, paneer, and butter milk.

The benefits linked to chilling raw milk rapidly with low operational costs were what prompted Simhadri dairy’s investment in the Rapid Milk Chillers (RMC). Simhadri Dairy essentially wanted a solution to preserve milk quality that would be cost-effective, eco-friendly, and scalable as they expand their collection footprint.

Promethean’s Success at Villages near Visakhapatnam Inspires Simhadri Dairy

Before placing an order for their very first Rapid Milk Chiller from Promethean Power, officials from Simhadri Dairy wanted to check its performance at an actual site. To do this, they visited a milk collection center near Visakhapatnam, where one of India’s largest private dairies uses Promethean’s Rapid Milk Chillers to procure high-quality milk for value-added products such as UHT milk.

Excited by the technology and cost-effectiveness of Promethean’s solution, Simhadri Dairy placed an order for a Rapid Milk Chiller Premium.

“We are excited about partnering with new and innovative dairy farms as it gives us an opportunity to enable the procurement of more high-quality milk that can be delivered directly to consumers. Our RMCP gives the staff at Simhadri Dairy the ability to preserve quality and freshness of milk without having to worry about power outages during milk collection. In addition, our RMCP for Simhadri also features a remote data monitoring system that will help the management track milk chilling operations from their computer or smartphone even as they go about other important tasks,” says Jiten Ghelani, CEO, Promethean Power Systems.

With Simhadri Dairy’s milk procurement estimated to increase in the near future, the company is making plans to purchase more Rapid Milk Chillers from Promethean.