Since the installation of Promethean Power Systems milk chillers, the lives of farmers have changed for the better.

The thermal-energy based technology was installed at PRAN Dairy milk collection centres at Shahjadpur and Khamar Shanila in Sirajganj in December last year.

An official of PRAN dairy complex at Shahjadpur, said: “Although this machine requires more space and electricity, it has made dairy businesses more profitable.”

“This power system plays an important role in reducing loss that we faced earlier due to inadequate refrigeration and poor storage. The waste has reduced to 0.01% from 8%,” he added.

Afzal Hossain, farmer of Shahjadpur, decided to buy better quality cow breeds to expand his farm. He also made a pucca cowshed last year.

He expressed satisfaction at the higher prices he now gets by selling milk.

“Sometimes the milk that I sold would be returned as they would perish without proper refrigeration. But now I do not face this issue as the company has installed a new machine in our area’s milk collection point which prevents milk from perishing fast,’’ Afzal said.

Selina Akter, another farmer, said: “Before installation of the new machine at our locality, I provided milk to other ‘samity’ (company) where I got lower prices.”

She is content with the current prices and plans to enlarge her farm, and buy lands for her family’s better accommodation.

“Earlier the dairy farmers did not get the fair price for milk. We only got an average price while providing milk to other companies. But now we get a fixed price based on milk fat, thus facilitating better prices for us,” Afzal said.

After the installation of this machine, production cost has come down. It works without generator during power outage and provides backup for hours, officials at Pran dairy complex said.

The machine has not only benefited the company but also the farmers, they said.

Sobuj, operator of milk chillers of Khamar Shanila milk collection point, said: “It is quite easy to operate the machine. It is eco-friendly, and emits no smoke. It is accessible and efficient.”