We believe that creating a cost-effective solution for cold-chain food distribution in emerging markets is an excellent business opportunity that could also deliver enormous social and environmental benefits.

Our Impact

From individual farmers to billion-dollar food and dairy conglomerates, Promethean Power Systems’ thermal-energy-based technology makes a measurable difference wherever preserving perishables is necessary. It’s what we do best.

Since 2013, leading dairies have installed Promethean’s systems across hundreds of village-level collection centres. We have helped our customers to chill milk successfully, without using a single drop of diesel through our Rapid and Conventional Chilling solutions running successfully across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The impact of our products also percolates to individual farmers, increasing their economic opportunity.


Our Technology

At the heart of our solution is the “Promethean Thermal Storage System (TSS)”.

The TSS is the patented technology which enables all of Promethean’s refrigeration products. Our TSS can store and release large amounts of thermal energy and can applied to cooling applications as varied as comfort cooling or fermentation control.

The TSS provides:

  • Backup cooling power – for areas with unreliable grid power
  • Instant cooling power – for rapid cooling of fruits, vegetables, milk and other perishable food products
  • Load shifting – from day-time to night-time to reduce energy bills and increase energy efficiency in refrigeration applications.