Milk Chilling without Diesel Generator Backup

Promethean’s Conventional Milk Chiller is a modular milk chilling system that can cool from 35o to 4o C without a diesel generator.   The capacity of the system ranges from 500 Litres/Day to 2000 Litres/Day. It works even if there is no power during the milk collection by using only 4 hours of intermittent grid power between each milking shift. The Conventional Milk Chiller is a solution for customers who are sensitive to the chilling costs and would like to reduce their operational expenses by replacing the high cost diesel with lower cost thermal energy.

By eliminating DG set, Promethean Milk Chiller provides the most cost-effective way of collecting top quality chilled milk from village milk collection centers where grid power is erratic.

CMC Components:
1 – Chiller Unit (CU)
2 – Thermal Storage System (TSS)
3 – Milk Cooling Tank (MCT)

Instant Milk Cooling

  • Premium quality enables longer shelf life of processed milk and higher margins on value-added products.
  • Capture more farmers in the catchment area.
  • Eliminates spoilage of raw milk.

Cold Storage Backup

  • Eliminates diesel generator.
  • Low maintenance & operating costs.
  • Unlike electrical batteries, thermal battery does not need to be replaced every 3 years.

Simple Design

  • Single phase connection at village collection centers
  • Easy manual cleaning
Description Specification Units
  1000 LPD 2000 LPD  
Thermal Storage System
No of TSS 1 2  
Back-Up Capacity 500 1000 Litres
Time to Recharge 4 – 5 5-Apr Hours
Dimensions of 1 TSS 1.2 X 1.2 1.2 X 1.2 Metres
Chiller Unit (refrigeration system for charging TSS) 
Compressor Type Copeland Scroll Copeland Scroll  
Refrigerant R-404a R-404a  
Power 5 7 HP
Average Cooling Capacity 5 12.4 kW
AC Power Supply 220 / 50 440 / 50 Volt/Hz
Max Operating Current 16 16 Amps
Milk Storage Cum Cooling Tank
Capacity 1000 2000 Litres
Insulation PUF 50 50 mm

Temperature drop is much sharper with Promethean’s CMC due to the usage of stored thermal energy.