Micro Can Chiller

Nipping in the Bud: Addressing a known secret to quality & cost reduction.

Promethean’s Micro Can-Chillers are cost-effective way to ELIMINATE SPOILAGE & procure HIGHER MBRT milk by arresting bacterial growth at the VLCC & farm level itself.

These stand-alone units can chill UPTO 6 CANS PER SHIFT & can be a great add-on to an existing ‘Chilling Centers’ to expand its catchment area & also REDUCE COST OF PRIMARY TRANSPORT by enabling one time lifting.

Powered by Promethean’s patented Thermal Back-up, these systems can chill milk from 35°C to 4 °C, even in absence of grid power during chilling.

Instant Milk Cooling

  • Premium quality enables longer shelf life of processed milk and higher margins on value-added products.
  • Capture more farmers in the catchment area.
  • Eliminates spoilage of raw milk.

Cold Storage Backup

  • Eliminates diesel generator.
  • Low maintenance & operating costs.
  • Unlike electrical batteries, thermal battery does not need to be replaced every 3 years.

Simple Design

  • Single phase connection at village collection centers
  • Easy manual cleaning

Electric Backup For Discharge Pump & Panel
Invertor 900 VA
DC Battery 100 AH
Compressor Unit Hermetically Sealed
Refrigerant R-404 a
Power supply 1ph : 230/50   Volt/Hz
Load 1.2 kWh (4 Cans/shift)
1.5 kWh (6 Cans/shift)
Make Emerson / Danfoss
Chilling Performance within 3 hrs

4 Cans/shift

(i.e.320 LPD)

From 35°C to 4°C (No grid required during chilling)

6 Cans/Shift

(i.e. 480 LPD)

From 35°C to 4°C (With grid during chilling. Else <7°C)
Insulation box 50 mm (XPS)
Thermal Back-up 160 Litres/shift
Recharge time per shift (Approx.) 3 to 4 hrs (4 Can/shift)
5 to 6 hrs (6 Can/shift)

Temperature drop is much sharper with Promethean’s CMC due to the usage of stored thermal energy.