Complements the Thermal Storage System to eliminate diesel genset from chilling center

The Promethean Solar Pack is accompanied with a small battery bank that is capable of meeting the energy needs for small miscellaneous loads at a milk collection centre. The battery bank has the following configuration –

  • Battery:                               24V 200Ah
  • Inverter and charger:        1.5 – 2 KVA smart inverter
  • Solar panels:                       1000 watts (4 solar panels taking up 100 sq. ft.)
Solar Pack Components:
1 – Solar Panel (1Kw)
2 – Off Grid Inverter (200VA)
3 – Electrical Battery (24V, 200Ah)
4 – RMC Pump
5 – Collection Center Loads

The solar pack is capable of generating 3 units per day on a bright sunny day. One of the advantages of using a solar pack is, that the milk tanker will no longer have to wait for milk collection, at the collection centre even if there is no grid power.

As we realize the benefit of diesel-free operation from the Thermal Battery, and the reduction of electricity expenses due to the solar pack, ROI and payback becomes more lucrative.